Children's Invitations

Written by Brooke Marlette
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Children's parties are a blast. Being an adult, you can forget about all the wonderful feelings you had when you were little. Planning and throwing a children's party can bring all of those feelings flooding right back. You'll start to believe in the friendship of a stuffed animal. Belle and the Beast will be the most romantic couple in history, next to Aladdin and Jasmine.

You get to see the world through your child's eyes. He or she will not be able to stop talking about the upcoming Batman or Sleeping Beauty party. It's fun when everything is the same theme. You have My Little Pony plates, cups, games, and even the cake has a My Little Pony design. To truly carry out the theme, you might want to consider themed invitations.

Cute Children's Invitations

It's fairly traditional to send out invitations for your child's birthday party. This allows parents of the guests to mark the date on the calendar and have their child arrive on time. In addition, it allows people enough time to get gifts. The birthday child can have quite a good time helping fill out the cards. Your child will have a blast coming up with the guest list and marking off each one that gets sent out.

If you want to personalize your cards, consider ordering them online. You will have access to hundreds of children's designs, including popular cartoons. You can come up with a little rhyme about your child and his or her new age. Try including that in the card. The more personalized the card, the more your child and the guests will enjoy them. Just have fun. Pretend you're a kid again!

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