Christening Invitations

Written by Brooke Marlette
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For many Americans, the christening of a child is a very important event. This is when godparents are chosen, and the religious life of the child begins. It's an event to celebrate. In addition, there are many traditions that go along with a christening. Many families have a traditional white gown that is passed down for each child to wear. A gown is normally worn whether the child is a boy or a girl.

Make Your Christening Special

A christening is a kind of event that you don't just want to call and invite people to. You want to hand out formal invitations. In fact, you may end up framing the invitation along with a christening photo of the child. You want the invitations to represent the purity of the child. White cards with gold lettering and perhaps gold or silver ribbon are beautiful and tasteful.

If you like, you can also go with pastels for your christening invitations. Softer colors are a good idea, as they call to mind the softness of a baby's skin and how the baby views the world. It's getting harder and harder to find christening invitations in the stores these days. You might come across a minimal selection with nothing that strikes you. Then, you can find yourself increasingly annoyed as you drive from store to store.

In order to avoid some of this frustration, I suggest perusing the Internet first. You will find a wonderful selection of lovely and appropriate christening cards. If you make a purchase, make sure to print and save online receipts, order numbers and customer service numbers. This will make for easy access if you have a problem with the order. Also, to save money, consider using ground delivery.

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