Corporate Invitations

Written by Liza Hartung
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Being in the corporate world, you know how many special events can take place during the course of a year. There are holiday parties, birthday parties and other celebratory events. With such events, you can easily email everyone to tell them about the event. However, in order to truly get all your co-workers and employees excited, I suggest sending out formal invitations. Make them fun and festive.

Most people in the corporate world don't have a lot of extra time. You certainly don't have time to sit in traffic and hop from store to store trying to find some decent invitations. When it comes to crunch time and you want your invitations to really have the feel of the event, I suggest ordering online. You can order right from your desk. It shouldn't take you a long time, unless you get stuck looking at all the options.

Designing Your Invitations

When you are searching for corporate invitations, it's usually good to stay with a fun or formal theme. Don't get too into jokes or anything that could be interpreted as sexual. The last thing you need is for an employee to get the wrong idea and sue for a simple party that you wanted to have. The world of sexual harassment is quite touchy nowadays. Have fun, but be cautious.

When ordering online, make sure you check shipping dates. The cheapest way to go is to use ground delivery. This type of shipping means that your product will arrive in anywhere from three to 10 days. If you think 10 days is cutting it kind of close, you might want to use the next fastest delivery service (usually two- or three-day air service). In addition, check the return policy. If something is printed wrong, you want to make sure it can be corrected free of charge.

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