Custom Birthday Cards

Written by Liza Hartung
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Perhaps the most memorable birthday card I ever received was a custom birthday card. A friend of mine had used one of those card-making machines in a local card store. She made up quite an amusing rhyme. It had me in tears because I was laughing so hard. This ridiculous rhyme was done in the fanciest script font you can imagine. These cards are a wonderful idea because they look entirely professional, yet they were designed and created by a friend.

A Great Card

Have you ever gone to get a birthday card for a friend and nothing makes you happy? Nothing is funny enough. Nothing says quite what you want it to say without being too cheesy. All the photo cards are of cats and you like dogs. Finding the perfect card can be quite frustrating, particularly when you are looking for a friend or family member whom you truly care about.

To use a metaphor, the card is the appetizer to the gift. It should whet the appetite. A good card prolongs the opening of the gift, making the gift that much better. When you can't find any cards that you feel will live up to this tremendous task, I suggest ordering custom birthday cards. You can create them the way that you always dreamed cards would be.

If you like, create a little birthday rhyme or use one of your favorite poems. You can get very festive birthday cards or some that are simple and understated. Sometimes, a card with a simple background pattern and a little picture of a birthday cake or a candle right in the center is enough to say it all.

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