Custom Birthday Party Invitations

Written by Liza Hartung
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Everyone likes a good birthday party. Well, if it's yours and you're turning 30, 40 or 50, you might not be so thrilled. However, having a bunch of your best friends and family around you can be quite amusing. So many birthdays mark certain milestones in our lives. When we turn 13, we are officially teenagers. Age 16 is so sweet, and we can start driving in most states.

At age 18 we are "legal" to vote, smoke and can be tried in court as an adult. Age 21 allows us to consume alcohol legally. Then, all the birthdays start to go downhill. After 21, we start to realize that each subsequent age is making us older and we perhaps begin to feel that way, too. Some people like getting older, though. You don't experience as much societal pressure to be a "big partier" anymore.

Themed Birthdays

Many birthdays come with built-in themes, such as the ones I just mentioned. Age 40 and 50 often have "Over the Hill" themes. Children's birthdays almost always have themes because so many kids say things like, "I want a Beauty and the Beast party!" Theme parties are great because you know the accessories that you need to get. You can get quite creative as well. In order to throw a successful theme party, the guests should know about it long before the party takes place.

The best way to do this is to send out invitations. If you are having an "Over the Hill" party, consider using black invitations with white, gold or silver lettering. You might want to add gravestones for a fun effect. There are quite a few creative options available from online vendors--browse their offerings, and see if they don't spark a few ideas of your own.

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