Custom Bridal Shower Invitations

Written by Liza Hartung
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Bridal showers are fun not only for the bride-to-be, but for the guests as well. Traditionally, bridal showers consist of only women. The bride's mother and grandmother, perhaps, as well as friends and other female family members will usually be in attendance. Gifts will be given that range from racy to practical. Oftentimes, bridal showers are also surprises. This can be great fun for the bride.

When the shower is a surprise, it's fun for everyone to figure out how they will get the bride-to-be out of the house and how they will return her and make sure she doesn't see all the cars parked around the corner. For surprises, it's very important that everyone arrives on time so as not to have someone arrive at the same time as the bride. This information can be given in the invitations.

Invitations serve a number of very useful purposes. Obviously, they tell guests the what, when, where and why of the party. You can also add useful information such as telling the guests to bring their own drinks, a dish to share or to park around the corner. You can also specify no gifts if you wish, but then the fun of the shower would be compromised. Every girl should get at least one piece of lacy lingerie at her bridal shower.

Invitations Online

To find some really festive and adorable invitations, I suggesting looking right here online. You have access to hundreds of websites selling invitations. In addition, you can customize many of them. You might want to put in a little story about the bride, or add a baby photo. If you have a photo of the bride and her fiance, you might want to include that, too.

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