Custom Greeting Cards

Written by Liza Hartung
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Don't you hate it when you're in your local drug store or mall, frantically searching for the perfect greeting card? Maybe you just had a great birthday, baby shower or something where you got gifts, and you want to thank everyone. You don't want anything too cheesy, but you want to make sure the card accentuates how thankful you are. Perhaps you want to send out holiday cards and nothing is making you happy.

Some of us can go crazy looking for the right card. This is when I suggest checking out custom greeting cards. You get to have a say in how they look and what written message they contain. You can get animal prints and have a funky font inside. You can get simple green stripes with a little flower in the center. You can put your initials on the card, or fill it up with your favorite poem.

No matter what creative choices you make for your card, you are likely to come out smiling. You don't have to settle, like you might have done if you kept running from mall to mall. You can even order custom cards online if you like. That will certainly save you a few headaches. When you are looking at websites, make sure they have a customer service phone number and a return policy.

Get Creative

Remember, these are your cards. You get to choose what they look like, what they say and whom they are going to. If you're planning a birthday, have fun. If someone is "over the hill," you might want to come up with a little rhyme about the birthday person. For parties, the more creative you are, the more excited people will be when they get your card.

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