Custom Party Invitations

Written by Brooke Marlette
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People have parties for hundreds of different reasons. You might have an annual Christmas party, Fourth of July party or an Oscar party. People have parties for birthdays, graduation, weddings, retirement and tons of other occasions. All good parties start with the right set-up. You have to create a little hype. If people aren't excited about your party, no one will want to go. Those who do show up won't expect to have a good time.

You can begin the hype for your party long before the party ever happens by sending out appropriate invitations. When I say appropriate, I don't mean they have to be nice and clean. I mean they have to fit the party's theme. If you are going for a raucous birthday party, get some invitations that are colorful, wild and fun. If you are having a classy Oscar party, get cards with a nice script and colors like black, gold and silver.

Design Your Invitations

You can also add to the appropriateness of your invitations by having them custom made. This allows you to be free of the whims of all those pre-made invitations you find in stationary stores. You have creative control over every aspect of your card. You can even include poems, jokes, quotes or stories to make them personal.

The quickest and easiest way to get custom party invitations is to order them online. You can take your time perusing all the choices. You won't feel rushed or pressured to go with a certain style or lettering. If you choose to go this route, make sure the site has a working customer service phone number, not just an email address. In addition, become familiar with the return policy. Check out the shipping options, too--if you are ordering ahead of time, you won't need to pay for expensive airmail shipping.

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