Custom Shower Invitations

Written by Brooke Marlette
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There are two main types of shower parties. They are bridal showers and baby showers. Both have to do with women, and both are very fun. There is not, in fact, any shower during the party. However, most people are usually encouraged to shower prior to arrival. At both kinds of showers, gifts are usually given. The gifts vary greatly, though, from shower to shower.

At a bridal shower, the woman might get lingerie, perfume or other fantastically girly products. At a baby shower, the gifts are usually geared toward the unborn baby or to making the mother's life with the baby easier. It is also traditional for both of these parties to be surprises, usually planned by a best friend (maid of honor, in the case of a bridal shower). This does not have to be the case, though. Everyone has her own way of doing things.

Whether you are going for a surprise or not, you will probably want to send out invitations. These make the event a little more formal. Guests will take it more seriously and thus will be more likely to schedule plans around the party (as well as show up on time). When the invitations come from a phone call, the party can be perceived as more of a casual get together.

Internet Ordering

Errands can be quite annoying. Therefore, the less you have to leave home, the better. If this is how you think, you might want to order your shower invitations online. If you take this option, make sure to print and save your order number, customer service number and receipt. This will help if there are any problems with delivery. In addition, make sure you are familiar with the return policy before ordering (just in case).

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