Engagement Announcements

Written by Liza Hartung
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Getting engaged is quite an exciting thing. Many women think about it for years until it finally happens. We imagine what our significant other will do, what romantic things he will come up with and what he'll say when the little black box finally comes out. When it actually happens, it's a whirlwind. Some women know it's coming. Some thought their boyfriends were going to break up with them because the boys were so nervous.

Once the engagement happens, you will want to tell everyone. Everyone will want to see your ring and know how he proposed. Engagement announcements can be a nice way to let everyone know what is happening. You might want to get engagement photos done of the two of you and include one in your announcement. Just a little FYI--this course of action may lead to gifts and/or cards arriving in the mail.

The engagement period is a time of love, romance and celebration. It's appropriate for your announcements to reflect this. However, if you and your new fiance have something funny in common, like a love of motorcycles, you might want to include that on your announcements in some way. You could have bride and a groom riding on a Harley Davidson.

Choosing Your Announcements

If you like to save money and have a big selection at the same time, you might want to use the Internet to find your announcements. You will be able to customize them to say just what you want. No overly sappy sentiments (unless that's what you want)! Some couples choose to include lines from a Shakespearean sonnet, or a movie quote. Some also choose to reprint the words with which the man proposed. You'll know what's right for you when the time comes.

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