Formal Invitations

Written by Liza Hartung
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There are many different occasions that call for formal invites. This could be a wedding, a retirement, a banquet, graduation or something else. With events like these, you want to get across the fact that they are very meaningful for the honoree(s). A wedding is the eternal union of two people. A banquet could be a fundraiser for AIDS or the rainforests. A graduation could be the celebration of someone exiting law school.

All of these events are important milestones in life. Birthdays are important, too, but they don't have quite the weight that these events have. With such formal occasions, you want your invitations to match. You want them to be appropriate for the festivities. If you send out wedding invitations with cartoons of baseball players on them, people might think you're joking.

Customize Your Formal Invitations

Many people also like to customize such invitations. You might want to add a quote, poem, joke or little story about the guest of honor. All of these things will serve to set the mood of the event long before it even starts. If you are having a very traditional wedding in a Catholic church, you might want a quote from the Bible. However, if your wedding is talking place on the beach at sunset, you might opt for a short poem about nature and connectedness.

For the biggest selection of formal invitations, I suggest perusing the Internet. You don't have to leave your home. You'll have access to all sorts of card-generating websites. Some will allow you to choose the design, text and even upload a photo or two. You will also find some great discounts and prices because the owners aren't paying the high overhead costs of traditional retail stores.

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