Graduation Announcements

Written by Brooke Marlette
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Graduation is an exciting time in someone's life. It's a time of celebration and of transition. You have completed one segment of your life and are about to move on to something traditionally bigger and better. However, if you are graduating from college, you might go through two or three months of, "What am I going to do with my life?!" This feeling ends eventually. If it doesn't, you'll figure out some way to get around it.

When a graduation happens, you will want to share it with everyone. Family will want to congratulate you, and friends will want to party with you. In order to ensure that the maximum amount of people will be in attendance, it's a good idea to mail out graduation announcements. Many schools will provide you with them. However, you might want to make them a little more personal.

Personalizing Your Announcements

When you want your graduation invitations to include something such as a poem, quote, picture of the graduate or note about the graduate, you might want to consider getting them custom made. If you choose this option, it can be a fun idea to frame the graduation announcement along with the diploma. This makes for a great graduation gift as well.

If you are thinking about custom announcements, peruse the Internet first. You will find some great announcements that are unique as well as appropriate. Some sites allow you to customize for free or charge very little to do so. Before you order, familiarize yourself with the return policy. Play around with the site's customization options--see what different fonts look like, and how the cost would change if you did or did not order matching envelopes. To save money, choose ground delivery instead of special delivery.

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