Graduation Invitations

Written by Brooke Marlette
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Graduation is a huge milestone in people's lives. This could be graduation from high school, college or graduate school. Each step means a little more than the last. When the years of studying and writing papers are finally over, you will certainly want to celebrate. Family members are proud and friends can't wait to start the graduation parties and vacations.

With events as big as graduation, you will want to send out formal invitations. People tend to take written invitations more seriously than just a call on the phone. Plus, people feel special knowing that they have been invited. It gives people time to plan for the occasion. If gifts are traditional, a formal invite allows people the time they need to find an appropriate gift.

Happy Graduation

The most traditional graduation invitations have graduation hats on them or perhaps a cap and gown. However, feel free to choose whatever you like. You will certainly be able to find a nice selection around graduation time at local stationary stores. For the biggest selection, though, I suggest using the Internet. This is also a great way to customize your invitations with the graduate's name and major(s).

When you purchase invitations from a card store, you can only fill in where and when the party will be. When you order online, you can have many different messages printed. You might want a quote or a poem regarding transition in life. You might want to add a baby photo of the graduate. They are your cards, and it's your money. Try making the invitations fun and celebratory--what unique things has your graduate said or done during his or her school years?

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