Personalized Note Cards

Written by Brooke Marlette
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No one can deny the excitement of flipping through your mail (usually filled with junk and bills) and finding a personal letter or card. We're all so used to getting coupons, mail for old tenants or now due notices that a personal letter is like a ray of sunshine. It's not that we don't write to each other anymore. In fact, we may write now more than ever. However, we write online. We send emails, e-cards and instant messages.

The content held in a handwritten letter is always more special than an email. We write throw away emails all the time. We tell someone a joke, remind a friend to return our Tupperware, or shoot useless banter back and forth concerning how boring our day has been so far. When we take the time to sit down and write a letter, though, our brain has to start functioning in a way that isn't usually required on the computer.

When we take the time to actually write the letter, address the envelope and use a stamp that we paid for, we usually make the content more meaningful than a simple email. Thank you cards are wonderfully popular. When someone does something so kind and thoughtful for us, it's only right to put in ink how appreciative we are.

Showcasing Your Letter

When you have a beautifully crafted letter in your hands, you don't want to send it out on college ruled paper. That would take away from the words, the meaning and your intention. You want someone to be excited to read your letter. You want them to have a hard time throwing it away, if they can at all. One of the best ways to create such a well-rounded letter is to use custom note cards.

Even if you only write one or two letters a year, it can still be fun to have note cards that have been made specifically for you. In fact, they may encourage you to write more letters. If you are like me, you have a relative (specifically, a grandmother) who is beside herself with joy when you write to her. However, perhaps you aren't always motivated to write as often as you would like. With the right card, and even the right pen sometimes, you can be inspired to virtually write a novel.

When it comes to personalized note cards, anything goes. You can go the traditional route and have your name or initials imprinted on the cards. You can have a favorite quote put on the outside over a colorful background. You can do a humorous quote or something that inspires you. With cards like these, you are telling people a little bit about yourself. You're letting them into your world.

The Ease of Ordering Note Cards

Now that the Internet is fast becoming a very popular place to shop, you get to save a lot of precious time. You don't have to sit in traffic, deal with bad drivers, find parking or stand in long lines. You don't even have to leave your home. You can shop for hours while sitting in your pajamas and drinking coffee. In addition, you have, at your fingertips, access to more products than are available in 15 malls combined.

Personalized note cards make wonderful gifts as well. You can get them for people you hardly know or your best friends. Get creative. Have fun. When you order your cards, look for something that you like. If you know you will primarily use them for people in your office, you might want to stay with something simple and sweet. For your friends, you can get as crazy as you want.

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