Personalized Thank You Cards

Written by Liza Hartung
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Thank you cards are perhaps the most commonly written and mailed type of card (next to birthday cards). We thank people all the time for zillions of things. We say thanks for gifts, meetings, help with a project or just for being a friend. When we want to extend a special kind of appreciation, we go out looking for a card that says just the right thing. This is, however, not always an easy task.

I went looking for thank you cards the other day, and nothing was what I wanted. The funny ones weren't funny. The serious ones were too serious. The blank ones were boring. In a situation like this, I wouldn't mind having personalized thank you cards. Not many people think of purchasing these, but they can be quite convenient. You get to create the card that says thank you in the way you want it to be said.

Some people like to create very simple cards and just use their initials. If you choose a design such as this, you can use your cards for purposes other than saying thank you. Some people also like to create a custom saying for their cards. You can put a favorite poem in your card or perhaps a quote from a book or a movie. It's your card--do what inspires you.

Good News

With the Internet being the center for shopping that it is, you can order personalized thank you cards online. Card vendors have many unique choices for paper, fonts, envelopes, sizes, etc. You can create your own personalized message and be sure that your card doesn't say more or less than you intended. It's a good idea to browse through the website of a card vendor to get an idea of what's available--you may be surprised at just how individualized you can make your cards.

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