Printed Birth Announcements

Written by Liza Hartung
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The birth of a child is one of the most momentous occasions life offers. A woman is bringing life into the world from her very own body. With the birth of a firstborn, a new family begins. The wife turns into a mother and the husband becomes a father. A whole new set of responsibilities sets in. The new baby's family is quite proud. If that's you, you will likely want to tell the world.

Perhaps the best way to get the word around in a formal yet adorable manner is to send printed birth announcements. People send all kinds of announcements. They may contain a photo and they may not. If they do, the photo is traditionally of the baby, the baby and the mother, or little footprints of the baby's feet. In addition, blue is often used for boys and pink is used for girls (but many people are choosing gender-neutral colors like yellow and green).

Proud Parents

You don't have to stick to what tradition dictates, however. It's your baby. You can send whatever kind of birth announcements that you'd like. When you have a new baby, you know that the last thing on your mind is running errands. This includes errands to have birth announcements made up. When this is the case, many people turn to online printing sites.

The Internet is a great resource for customized birth announcements. You will have a whole host of designs to choose from. There are cartoon animals, ribbons and bows, religious symbols and more. Many sites allow you to either upload a photo or will leave slits for you to insert your photo. You don't even have to leave your home to complete your order, and sometimes time is the most precious commodity of a new mother or father.

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