Printed Formal Invitations

Written by Liza Hartung
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Formal parties can be quite fun as we often don't dress up too much in our daily lives. We don't go to the grocery store in a tuxedo or cocktail dress. However, when the occasion comes along that calls for the use of these articles, many of us get excited. We like to dress up, do our hair and wear fancy shoes. If this doesn't sound like the least bit of fun to you, you might want to consider ducking out of the invitation.

Begin with an Invitation

If you are throwing a formal party, it's generally suggested that you start out with printed formal invitations. For a formal party, you don't really want to call everyone who is invited. That won't set your party up properly. People might take it lightly and either not show up or not come dressed to the nines. It's a good idea to send your invitations out about two to three weeks in advance.

If you send the invites out any earlier than that, people might forget about the party. If you send them any later than that, people might already have plans. There are a few exceptions to this rule. If you are having your formal party at a time of year when everyone is looking for something to do, such as New Year's Eve, you will want to send out the invites early. Try mailing them in mid to late November.

One of the great things about the Internet nowadays is that you can order your formal invitations online. Many sites offer customized invitations. You can enter in all the pertinent information, but you can add little notes of your own as well. You might want to ask everyone to bring a bottle of wine or an appetizer. Create what you feel best represents your party. Online ordering also allows you to use your choice of fonts--choose an elegant, swirling script for formal invitations.

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