Printed Shower Invitations

Written by Liza Hartung
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Showers are wonderful excuses to be exceptionally girly. They don't have to be, but they certainly can be. Whether you are throwing a baby shower or a bridal shower, the party is sure to be filled with girly accoutrements such as pink cakes, pastel wrapping paper, fruity drinks and more. These are usually days without boys. No testosterone allowed. They are fun events of giggles and gifts.

In order to set the mood of the party before it even starts, you might want to send out formal invitations. This action will let everyone know when the party is so they can start planning their schedules for it. In addition, people will have time to purchase gifts when necessary. People also like to get invited to things. Written invitations are fun and allow for a sense of belonging.

Throwing a Shower

If you like, have a themed party. I went to a bridal shower the other day that had a theme along the lines of Breakfast at Tiffany's. It was classy and slightly decadent. The invitations had beautiful cursive writing and silhouettes of women dressed with large hats and long gloves. Just by viewing the invitation, you knew what you were getting into.

If you're seeking out ideas for a theme or trying to find the best selection for your invitations, many people are turning to the Internet. For a bridal shower, you might want a garter belt, a wedding dress or a wedding ring. Get creative. If you like, you can include a poem, message or quote that fits the occasion. For a baby shower invite, consider a poem or quote about new beginnings or innocence.

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