Retirement Invitations

Written by Liza Hartung
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Retirement can be an exciting and slightly sad time. It's sad because you've been working with the same people for years, and you are finally leaving them. You won't be back to work on Monday. But there's a great deal of good to balance out the sadness. You don't have to deal with all the hassles that go along with work. You can wake up in the morning whenever you want to. You can go on vacation without having to ask for time off. Ah, retirement!

Retirement Fun

Many retired individuals turn part-time hobbies into full-time diversions. You can play golf all day, if that's your passion. One thing that's almost always certain is that your co-workers will want to say goodbye. They aren't about to let you just walk out the door. Therefore, you or someone you know will likely want to throw a retirement party. If you aren't retiring, perhaps you'd like to throw a party for someone who is. Surprise parties are always fun in a working environment.

In order to help keep the surprise a secret, I suggest giving out formal invitations. Make sure you state that the party is to be a surprise. If you are the one retiring and throwing the party, you still might want to mail out invitations. Think about having the party at your home or a nearby hotel or country club. These places make wonderful backgrounds for retirement parties.

Over the years, you have probably come up with hundreds of inside jokes with the people you work with. If you like, you can have your invitations custom made to include some of these classic zingers. Many people have found that the quickest and easiest way to order custom invitations is to do so online. You don't have to move from your computer (unless you have go get your credit card). If you're still trying to wrap up loose ends as you prepare to hand over the reins at work, saving time will be most welcome.

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