How To Find Gifts During Economic Downfall

Written by Nick Bordeau
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Many of you are on tight budgets this year due to the instability of the current economy. The first of many places that are getting cuts in your budget are holiday spending and gift spending in general.

Well I am here to tell you that it is ok to spend your money as long as you do proper research on what you are getting first. In fact it will even help the economy if you spend your money during holiday seasons.

I am not saying that you have to do a research proposal anytime you want to spend a couple bucks; I am just going to show you a couple techniques that are going to save you a ton of money this holiday season.

The first thing that a person should remember is variety when shopping. I am not talking about the variety in gifts you buy this holiday season, but the variety of stores that sell that exact same gift. Instead of buying that gift in the first store you see, you should bring a list with you while shopping and write it down so that when you go to other stores that offer that same gift you can check out the same gift and see if it has a lower price.

To find very unique gifts at the lowest prices around, shop at what I like to call dot com business. Dot com businesses are ones that only are established on the internet. These are the businesses or stores that can have the larger sales because they do not have to hire employees to work in the establishment. Also if these businesses are smaller and more specialized you might be able to send an email to the company saying that you have seen the same product at a lower price. This could lead to you getting a far below retail price on the gift.

Even better places to shop for gifts that are priced very low are online auction sites. Despite what others say many of these auctions are for “new in box” gifts that you can bid on, usually for a price that is way lower than the retail cost of the gift. However you want to be very careful about this method because if the bidding gets to high it might exceed retail, at which point it would be useless to buy the gift because you would be losing money.

To get more information on a particular gift, or get an idea of where it is offered cheaply you can visit online chat rooms. Here you can talk with people that may be trying to find the same gift, and might have found a place that it is offered cheaper then what you have found. This method also can be applied to forums.

The best way to get a truly unique gift at the lowest price is not to buy a gift at all, but to make one. You can find art or baking classes usually for a low price or sometimes free at your local community center. Here you can learn the skills that you need that will light up that special someone when they receive your gift this year.

So remember that you can still go on a shopping spree this year. Just make sure you do a little bit more to find the gift at a lowest price. These five to ten minutes can save you five to ten dollars, which in turn can add up to thousands by the end of the year. Or simply have a fun time making the gift, which with time will be more sentimental then anything you can find on a shelf. But above all just use your imagination when looking for gifts this year, then use your brain to get them.

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