Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Announcements can herald the arrival of a new child, signal a move, or share good news about a pregnancy or engagement. Beautiful announcements reflect the happiness we feel about good news and joyous changes. While some changes require only perfunctory announcement--say, your family's move to a new house--others call for something a little more special.

Baby Announcements

Beautiful baby shower invitations announce to the world that you are expecting a new arrival in your family. When ordering these invitations, make sure you choose baby shower thank you notes in a similar design. As the due date, nears prepare to send out a new batch of cards. These cards will announce the height, weight, gender and name of your precious infant.

Important events like the birth of a child demand truly special announcements. If you want paper products that are special, you'll want to go handmade. Handmade will allow you to express your unique style. You'll have a say in the ink color, the font, the card stock, the design, and even the lining of the envelopes!

In addition, you'll want the security of knowing that your announcement is being printed on paper that can last a lifetime or longer. Good paper is acid free paper. Acid free paper stands the test of time. As your child grows, she will enjoy looking through her baby book and marveling at her announcement. And in time, with acid free paper, her children's children can marvel at it, too.

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