Baby Shower Thank You Notes

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Beautiful baby shower thank you notes will let your friends and family know how much you appreciate their good wishes, and their gifts. The thank you notes should match the baby shower invitations in style and design. You'll want to save one of your baby shower thank you notes and one of your baby shower invitations, as well as a copy of any birth announcements, to place in your child's baby book.

The book will most likely have pages reserved for you to record each gift that was given, and by whom. When your baby grows into a child and learns to read, he or she will spend time pouring over this book. He'll feel surprised and pleased to realize that his grandparents, aunts and uncles were at his baby shower. The thought that the people he loves were celebrating and caring for him even before he was born is sure to tickle him.

Acid Free Baby Shower Thank You Notes

That's why your matching baby shower invitations and baby shower thank you notes should be on acid free paper. Only acid free paper stands up to time. Other papers and cards erode and fade. Acid free thank you notes and invitations, on the other hand, last several lifetimes. Your baby can show his card to his own babies, one day.

Your friends and family will be touched by your thoughtful thank you notes, as well. It's always gratifying to know that the gifts we give are appreciated. Giving gifts is a chance for your loved ones to share in this special time of yours. Sending thank you notes is your way of letting them know their sharing is wanted and appreciated.

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