Baptism Invitations

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Elegant baptism invitations are a symbol of the excitement you feel over the arrival of your child. Baptism invitations should also reflect the import and solemnity of the baptismal ceremony. As such, they should be warm yet elegant, celebratory yet dignified.

Quality Baptism Invitations

The finest quality baby invitations, baby shower invitations and thank you notes, and christening invitations, are those which are handmade. Handmade means you will be able to, in essence, design the card yourself. This goes well beyond choosing the wording of the text. You will pick the ink color, font, write the message, choose the style, the stock, and the envelope lining.

You may choose invitations with printing on both the outside and the inside. The outside might contain your child's name and the date and place of the ceremony. The inside may include a quotation which is special to you, or more detailed information. Don't be afraid to mix and match. For example, you might want to choose a very sedate envelope lining and font, paired with a bold and festive ink color.

Of course, you should insist that the baptism invitations are printed on acid free. Acid free paper stands up against time. Regular paper fades away. SInce this invitation is something that your child, and your child's children will marvel at and ponder, make sure it is made with the kind of quality that lasts.

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