Bar Mitzvah Invitations

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Bar mitzvah invitations should reflect the celebrant's style and personal taste. Adolescence is the time when children begin to assert their own personalities and style, breaking away from their families to the degree that they become capable, independent adults. Your daughter might be crazy about purple and orange. Your son might want to include a Bob Dylan quote on his card. Whatever their taste, chances are your child will want to have some input in the design of his bar mitzvah invitations, if not total control!

Handmade Bar Mitzvah Invitations

There's only one way to have any real control over the style of a card--choose handmade. When you have your bar mitzvah invitations handmade, you (or your child) can have input into the font, text, ink color, stock, design and even the envelope lining. As a parent, you can at the very least insist on quality. Choose heavy stocks and creamy, marvelous finishes for your acid free invitations.

Choosing acid free means these cards will hold up with the passage of time. You will undoubtedly want to keep a few of these bar mitzvah announcements as keepsakes. Doing so is essentially worthless if you don't use acid free paper.

Finally, remember that compromise is the name of the game. Choosing the style and decor of the bar mitzvah shouldn't be a battlefield where you and your child struggle for control. Reach a middle ground. If he wants to quote Michael Jordan on his card, let him. As long as the handmade invitations are beautiful, interesting and unique, everyone should be happy in the end.

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