Bridal Shower Invitations

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Bridal shower invitations are a great chance for you to express your personal style. The wedding is a compromise between your two tastes, but the bridal shower invitations and thank you notes are pure you! Express your style with handmade, unique invitations.

Unique Bridal Shower Invitations

For truly special bridal shower invitations, you have to go with handmade. Custom invitations give the bride a great deal of creative freedom. This isn't simply a matter of personalizing the cards. Personalized cards are simply printed with your information. Beyond that, they are the same as mass-produced. Handmade shower invitations are created by you.

You'll choose from a large number of ink colors, fonts, styles, paper stocks, and envelope linings. The combination of all your choices creates something truly different and special. Perhaps all your choices will be loud and colorful, or elegant and understated. Or perhaps you will combine seeming opposites to create an unexpected style that suits you to a T.

Make sure your invitations are printed on acid free paper. Only acid free paper resists fading over time. This is more than an invitation--it is a keepsake and memento. If you need it to last, you need acid free paper. Make sure to order matching thank you notes for all the gifts you will receive at your shower, as well!

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