Business Announcements

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Quality business announcements allow you to communicate with clients and peers with style and elegance. The look of your business announcements is a reflection on your business. Top-notch paper goods are necessary to create the perception of success. All business stationery, from business cards to announcements, should be high-end.

Handmade Business Announcements

The epitome of high-end is, of course, handmade. Handmade stationery, invitations, cards and the like, reflect a sense of understated luxury. Stationers can work with your company to incorporate logos and other corporate branding onto your announcements. You or your design team will also have a say in the design, style, font, ink color, stock, envelope and envelope lining of your business announcements.

Of course, you should use only acid free paper. This paper is the highest quality available. People use it for their most precious events. Acid free paper is commonly used to make baptism invitations, wedding invitations, etc. This special paper will say the right thing about you and your business.

Choose fonts and ink colors that reflect the style of your company. Don't be afraid to do something different. You can use color and still be professional, for example. Using different colored inks isn't against the rules. In fact, color can make invitations and announcements more eye-catching, and more impressive.

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