Corporate Invitations

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Corporate invitations must be of the highest quality. The quality of your business announcements, cards, stationery and invitations is an immediate reflection of the business itself. If you send out top-notch corporate invitations, it will create the impression of affluence, prosperity and solidity. If you send out mass-produced or shoddy invitations, it will create a terrible impression of insolvency and ineptitude.

Handmade Corporate Invitations

To ensure quality, you should order handmade corporate invitations. Of course, you will want all pertinent information embossed or debossed onto your card. Mere personalization, however, is not enough. You want a say in the design of your invitations, as well. You or your event planners should have a say in the text, font, ink color, design, envelope design, and the color of the envelope lining.

You should be welcome to add your logo or other corporate branding to your cards. In the end, these custom invitations should be truly unique. Of course, they must also be of the highest possible quality. The most important element of good invitation quality is good paper quality.

Paper should be heavy and nicely textured. The texture can be smooth and creamy, or pleasantly rough. The paper should be weighty. This invitation should be as much a pleasure to hold as it is to read. Paper should be acid free, of course.

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