Brass Barometers

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Brass barometers have been used aboard ships for hundreds of years and provide an accurate and dependable reading of weather conditions. A barometer is a relatively simple way to measuring changes in the atmosphere. This is important for recognizing changes that may turn a beautiful, sunny day out on the ocean into a rain-filled afternoon with an increase in the motion of the water.

There are many factors that go into determining what the air pressure will be at any given moment. There is the combination of air density, which is greatest at sea level, and the amount of heat in the air, where the hotter it is, the "thinner" the air becomes. Barometers were invented to measure these changes over three hundred years ago, and now weathermen and meteorologists check barometric pressure every day.

Brass Barometers Predict Weather

Ship captains use the barometer to tell what is happening in the air around them, so they can make any needed preparations for the impending weather. This is very useful, so that the ship can be made ready to go through a storm or for a nice easy day of smooth sailing in the bright sunlight. The barometer also gives an idea of just how nasty the weather may or may not be, because of the scale on the barometer.

For today's yachting and boating experiences, there are many brass barometers to choose from which are a nice addition to any boat. This simple tool can keep the boat owner aware of the current weather conditions and track changes in the weather. Take the time to find the right barometer for that special boat.

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