Brass Boat Cleats

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Brass boat cleats can quickly and easily replace the current steel or aluminum cleats on a boat, providing a nice change in the look of the vessel. Boats of all sizes use cleats in order to secure the water craft to the shore or to a dock so that it will not float away with the water current or cause damage by running into other objects. Thus, cleats are a very important part of boat hardware that should never be overlooked.

While all cleats are created for the same purposes, not all cleats look the same. Changing them around can bring a new look to the boat. Most boats are made with a set of cleats that go on just about every other boat that is made by the same company. While the size may change according to the size of the vessel, the basic look may remain the same for all of the boats made. This makes things a little easier on the manufacturer.

Personalize with Brass Boat Cleats

By replacing the stock cleats with brass boat cleats, the look and atmosphere of the boat can change quite a bit. Nautical brass stands out more than steel or aluminum and carries with it a certain amount of style and class. When all of the boat accessories are changed over to brass, it makes a dramatic change in how distinguished a vessel looks.

In conclusion, every boat has cleats but not every boat has been personalized with brass. This simple exchange of cleats can make a persons boat stand out in a crowd. Take some time and look into putting custom cleats all over that beloved boat.

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