Brass Nautical Bells

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Brass nautical bells played an important role in years past when there was a greater dependence on using ships to transport goods and people, not to mention for the protection of a country. As early as the 15th century, bells were used aboard ships as a means of announcing the time and keeping the boat running smoothly and on schedule. In those early days, an hourglass was used in order to keep track of the time as the sand slowly slipped from one end of the container into the other.

A ship that carried a full compliment of workers also had someone that stood watch over the boat and kept track of the time. On every hour and half hour, the bell would be rung by the helmsman, using a series of pauses and rings. Two bells represented the hour and then a pause with one bell would represent the half hour and there would be a maximum of eight bells rung at the end of a shift, when the ringing would start over with one bell at the next half hour.

Using Brass Nautical Bells Today

In today's world, most people keep track of the time by their own personal watch or with a clock in their room. Brass nautical bells are still used aboard passenger, training, and naval vessels where the tradition stays alive. As an individual yacht owner, the choice can be there whether or not to use the bell system to make the passengers aware of the time.

The brass bell is a great accessory to bring beauty to the vessel, as well as to provide a means of communication to the people on board. There are many differing kinds of boat hardware that can be installed to appeal to the owner's eye. The brass ship bell can be a wonderful addition.

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