Bulkhead Lights

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Bulkhead lights play a vital role in the life aboard a boat or ship. These lights probably go unnoticed for the most part, as people take them for granted and only really look at them when a bulb needs to be replaced. Even though they receive little attention, they do serve an important purpose aboard any water bound craft.

These lights light the way for passengers and crew members to make their way around the boat at night in safety. Everyone knows it is better to see where you are going than to stumble around in the dark trying to find your way. The same is definitely true when aboard a boat or a yacht.

Choosing the Right Bulkhead Lights

There are many choices when it comes to bulkhead lights. Obviously size is an important detail and may already be decided if replacing an old light unit that has seen its glory days fade into the sunset. Another important thing to consider is how much light is needed for the particular area, not enough could cause problems and too much could prove to be wasteful.

There are lights that have three fixing points and some that have one fixing point. There is also the choice of a light fixture that is totally open across the face or one that has some type of a hood that provides direction to the area that the light shines upon. Regardless of the size, shape or style, a good nautical light is a piece of boat hardware that will need to withstand the changes that occur in the weather and must be tough enough to endure some somewhat extreme conditions when they occur.

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