Candle Lamps

Written by Staff Writer
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Candle lamps are an interesting alternative to electric lamps. They are usually lit with tealights or votives and produce a warm, soft glow when placed in a room. I have several of them throughout my home and they give off a warm, romantic glow.

Candle Lamps Light Up Dinner Parties

I entertain often and if there's one thing that will spoil a party, it is harsh lighting. Electric lights just aren't right during a dinner or cocktail party. On these occasions, I use candle lamps all over the room to create a warm, relaxed atmosphere that everybody loves.

When searching for candle lamps, make sure to look for one that has a stable base so that it will not tip over and cause a fire. You should use the same caution you would use with any candle. If you are anything like me, you will be using your candle lamp often, so be sure to choose clean-burning candles with lead-free wicks. I like to use soy candles. Unlike paraffin candles, they are not harmful to your lungs.

You can easily find one to suit your individual taste and decor. They come in all kinds of styles and shapes. My favorites are those with a nautical theme. Those that look like miniature lighthouses are adorable and act as conversation pieces as well. Just place the tealight or votive into the lamp, light it, and you have an instant lighthouse in any room of your home.

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