Cape Blanco Lighthouse

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Cape Blanco Lighthouse on the southern Oregon coast is one of the most famous and beloved lighthouses in America. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is not only the oldest continuously operating lighthouse in Oregon, but is also the highest at 245 feet above sea level. In addition, it lays claim to being the most westerly located lighthouse in Oregon.

Located ten miles northwest of Port Orford, Oregon, it first gave light in 1870 and has been lighting the way for sailors ever since. Over its lifetime it has seen countless shipwrecks and saved many lives. Though the lighthouse, like most others in the world, was automated in 1980, it still retains its original charm.

Tours of Cape Blanco Lighthouse

The lighthouse was open to the public between 1896 and 1916. In 1996, it was once again opened to the public until it closed for a short restoration in 2003. Since its reopening, visitors are once again enjoying tours of the Cape Blanco Lighthouse. Visitors get to climb the 64 steps up the tower to the lantern room. In addition to the tour of the lighthouse and its grounds, visitors learn about the history of Cape Blanco Lighthouse and Oregon lighthouses in general.

A visit to Cape Blanco is a must for all lighthouse enthusiasts. Since 1870, tens of thousand of people have visited and seen for themselves the charm of one of America's most enchanting lighthouses. If you yourself are unable to visit but would like a taste of this historic landmark, there are many online stores that sell gifts that feature Cape Blanco.

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