Hurricane Oil Lamps

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Hurricane oil lamps can be a very important part of any boat and play a vital role in maintaining safety when things do not go quite as planned. It seems just about everyone has experienced a power outage of some kind or another in their lifetime. Anyone who keeps track of the events of the United States of America either by watching the news on their television or by reading their favorite local or national newspaper knows that losses of electricity are a way of life.

Although power outages do not occur often, it is still important to be prepared for them when they do occur. This is equally important when it comes to the electricity on board a yacht or ship. No one ever knows when a wire will go bad, a bulb will burn out, or some other unsuspected event will cause a temporary or not so temporary loss of electricity.

Hurricane Oil Lamps Come to the Rescue

When thinking of hurricane oil lamps, one needs a lamp that is not only available in the worst of circumstances, but works well even in extreme conditions. For this reason, it may be a good idea to include a glass oil lamp in the list of boat accessories that are important to have on board a boat. Although a flashlight will provide some light, it may not last as long and it will not light up as large an area as an oil lamp will.

Today's glass and brass oil lamps not only provide light but look nice enough to leave out all the time as a decoration. By leaving it on display, you will know exactly where it is when an emergency arises. As you can see, hurricane oil lamps are both a useful and attractive tool to have on board a ship.

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