Lighthouse Clocks

Written by Staff Writer
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Lighthouse clocks are a wonderful way to keep track of the hours. What better way for lighthouse enthusiasts to watch the clock than with a highly decorative and ornamental timepiece? These clocks come in many different styles and range from simple to elaborate in design.

Clocks with a lighthouse theme are certainly not new. In the 19th century, a master clockmaker named Simon Willard made beautiful alarm clocks that were commonly referred to as "Lighthouse Clocks" since they resembled lighthouses. They had a mahogany base and a hand-blown, dome-shaped glass top that housed the clock face and movement. Because not many of these clocks were made and because their craftsmanship was superb, a signed Willard clock can fetch tens of thousands of dollars at an antique auction.

Lighthouse Clocks for Every Budget and Taste

If you don't have thousands to spend on a clock, don't despair. It isn't necessary to be rich to enjoy the charm of modern lighthouse clocks. There are many affordable choices that are beautiful enough to add style and elegance to any room in your home. Whether you are looking for something tasteful and modern or colorful and whimsical, there are many online stores that have what you are looking for.

There is no reason to fill your home with ugly digital clocks when there are so many decorative choices available on the market. Take your time and research your options, making sure to purchase from a reputable online source. The timepiece you choose can last a lifetime of minutes and make the passing of time a lot more fun.

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