Nautical Barometers

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Nautical barometers are an important part of boat hardware that plays an integral role on any yacht by providing very important information to the captain of the boat. Barometers are special measuring devices that are very sensitive to the changes that take place in air pressure. As the air pressure changes even slightly, the barometer is sensitive enough that it shows what the changes are.

The first barometer was invented in 1643 by Evangelista Torricelli. He knew that there were changes taking place in the atmosphere and created an instrument that would be able to measure what those changes where. This first barometer was a glass tube that all of the the air was removed from, which was inserted into a dish of mercury. As pressure changed on the glass tube, mercury was sent into another tube, and the higher the mercury traveled, the greater the atmospheric pressures.

The Purpose of Nautical Barometers

Nautical barometers help the captain of the ship track changes in the atmosphere that directly corresponds to possible changes in the weather. The ship's barometer will help the boat owner determine whether or not their may be a light rain shower or a heavy storm because of the change in pressure. They can also tell if the weather is going to continue to be good for a great day out on the water.

Ship owners have long viewed barometers as one of the all important boat accessories needed for successful travel upon the open waters. There are many different styles of barometers available to fit into any ship's decor. This is a great tool that will provide years of service.

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