Nautical Oil Lamps

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Nautical oil lamps carry with them a sense of old world traditions that are lived out in modern lives. They hearken back to a day before electricity and carry a certain beauty to them. The way the flame dances about inside the lamp as it projects light into the surroundings is something that can not be seen in today's electrical light fixtures.

Everyone knows that lighting on a boat is a very important aspect of the boating experience and there are many reasons for this. People also know that the choice of light fixtures and nautical lights tell the world a lot about the person who owns the boat. The types of lamps used help to create a tone and atmosphere on board every vessel.

Nautical Oil Lamps Are Special

Nautical oil lamps bring with them a sense of connection with the sailors of the past. They can be very useful when for whatever reason, the electricity fails to work properly. In addition to this, oil lamps give light anywhere it is needed.

Most people use flash lights when they need some extra light but an oil filled lamp provides a much wider range of light and is much more useful for lighting an entire room or large area on the boat. A hand held flashlight will not light up a very large portion of a deck at one time. When purchasing boat accessories or boat hardware, consider looking into the use of an oil lamp.

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