Airline Mystery Shopping

Written by Patricia Skinner
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If you love to travel, a great way to get extra airline miles and to widen your travel horizons is to sign up for airline mystery shopping assignments. Airline mystery shopping, like any other kind of mystery shopping, is designed to give clients an appraisal of their customer service through fresh eyes. If you get airline mystery shopping jobs you could find yourself traveling anywhere and testing all classes of airline travel.

In effect, with airline mystery shopping, you are getting paid to travel. What could be better? Like any other service intended for the public, it is vital for airlines to test their level of customer service. Perhaps more than any other hospitality industry, the airline companies have to fight hard for a piece of the pie. With many companies going bust because of the economic slump, airline companies are honing their customer services to try and keep their operation as competitive as possible.

Contributing to High Airline Passenger Service Standards

Airline mystery shopping is a way of finding out exactly what kind of service the airline passengers get. It enables the airline companies to pinpoint weak points in their service and to reward exceptional employees. This in itself provides an incentive to other airline employees. With airline mystery shopping assignments you can see the world and contribute to the high standards of airline companies.

Nowadays, some mystery shoppers prefer to specialize in one or more kinds of shopping, and it is possible to do this with airline mystery shopping. However, mystery shopping can be such an absorbing and exciting occupation that perhaps you'd prefer to experience other types of mystery shopping in addition to airline mystery shopping!

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