Free Mystery Shopping

Written by Patricia Skinner
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For the man or woman who loves to shop, there is a wonderful new concept to shopping. Free mystery shopping is when you actually get paid to do what you love best. You can be paid between $10 and $40 an hour, and you may even get gas money.

Free mystery shopping can include shopping in many different settings, from outlets at the mall, to banks, to restaurants. You may even be called on to check out services such as hair and beauty salons. There's even a chance that you'll be called upon to take an airline trip to check out the customer service for that operation. The opportunities are endless, and a lot of fun.

Excitement with Free Mystery Shopping

The prospect of free mystery shopping is great if you like to be doing different things on a daily basis. With free mystery shopping, you'll hardly know what to expect next. But whatever it is, it'll be a fun and satisfying way to earn a living. You could get your free mystery shopping job with a market research firm or with a company of mystery shopping specialists. There are, quite simply, a lot of free mystery shopping jobs out there.

You could even by employed for free mystery shopping jobs by merchandising companies and training companies. Advertising and promotions agencies also employ free mystery shopping agents. There are different ways of conducting free mystery shopping too. Of course, it's usually done in person, but it can also be done by phone or through the Internet. You may also be required to carry a hidden camera or audio device when conducting a free mystery shopping trip.

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You can take cash, but do the transaction at a bank and deiopst it so you don't get robbed (by his friends) on the way home.You can take a bank check BUT only if you go to the bank with the buyer, and see him draw the money (making sure the check is real). These days I can get a bank check for $5 face value, and photoshop it to $25,000 and print it up on my color printer and you would never know.===Also let the buyer know that you will be taking a photocopy of the buyer's driver's license as record. That alone will scare away most fake bank check writers.Good Luck


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