Mystery Shopping Focus Groups

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Mystery shopping focus groups are intended to improve a shopper's ability to get the job done. They have evolved into an online phenomenon as most mystery shopping companies use online mystery shopping focus groups in some capacity as a tool for education and growth. The versatility and adaptability of mystery shopping focus groups has been found to be a perfect intermingling with the measure of camaraderie that such groups typically engender.

Invariably used as a means to convey information in an informal setting, a group will usually watch a presentation online and then be able to chat about their perceptions later on. This is a more advanced form of the real time focus groups for other subjects. Groups can use a varying combination of facilities open to them online and by phone.

The Sophistication of Online Mystery Shopping Groups

Online mystery shopping focus groups are growing increasingly sophisticated, allowing members to call in on an 800 number, or use the microphone and speaker on their computer to interact verbally with the focus group coordinator. Online focus groups can also interact with their coordinator within the confidential environment of a private chat room. However, sometimes the process can also be as simple as emailing a client's brochure or other marketing tool for mystery shoppers to evaluate.

So online mystery shopping focus groups can be used for recruiting mystery shoppers and training them, or for initiating mystery shoppers to each assignment. As you can see, online mystery shopping focus groups are a versatile way of coordinating the business of mystery shopping online.

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