Mystery Shopping Pharmacy

Written by Patricia Skinner
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As we have already mentioned, the field of mystery shopping has become so vast that many companies are preferring to specialize in one or more areas. One area that is commonly specialized is mystery shopping in pharmacies. In today's environment, where people are increasingly encouraged to take responsibility for themselves, and fit it all in with very busy schedules, shopping for pharmaceuticals online has become a megabusiness. Monitoring these online pharmacies is a problem, but one of the very best ways of doing it is through mystery shopping pharmacy.

Mystery shopping in pharmacies can include all the different scenarios that might arise with an online customer seeking pharmaceutical goods and advice. Some might want to know about the interaction of certain drugs, or the interaction of certain supplements with particular drugs. Then again, a customer may need to know about certain side effects, or if there are any preexisting conditions that would preclude the use of a certain drug. Mystery shopping in pharmacies is the best way to monitor the level of care that customers can expect in any of these situations.

Answers from Mystery Shoppers Who Have Evaluated Pharmacies

One of the main worries about the operation of online pharmacies is that because the drugs are issued without a prescription, or an online prescription where the physician doesn't actually have a face-to-face meeting with a patient, there is a lot more room for mistakes and abuse. Mystery shopping can be a way of keeping the business in check. It can also provide a series of checks and balances for the owners of online pharmacies who may be very worried of the implications of a customer being given the wrong or inappropriate drug.

Of course, not all pharmacies are online, so it is possible to find mystery shopping assignments for live stores too! If you have any kind of a medical background or pharmaceutical background, mystery shopping in pharmacies would be a great specialization for you.

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