Video Mystery Shopping

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The most sophisticated form of mystery shopping is video mystery shopping. This is where mystery shoppers are sent on assignments with a hidden camera so that clients can see and hear the entire transaction in all its small detail, allowing for a much clearer picture of their customer service. Today's technology, with cameras that are completely undetectable, makes this wonderful service possible.

Hidden cameras simply make other types of mystery shopping obsolete. Who needs a questionnaire, when you can have all the data before you in its entirety? Indeed, a questionnaire under these circumstances may be considered a waste of valuable time. Video mystery shopping is the best way of all for pinpointing weak points in your customer service and identifying areas for improvement. You will see and hear first hand exactly how your customers see your operation.

Sophisticated Mystery Shopping

Video mystery shopping can also be a unique and very effective way of training mystery shoppers for their assignments. Originated by video game creators, this fun way to learn can introduce all aspects of successful mystery shopping to new mystery shoppers. Video mystery shopping can even be used to play back to operatives after their assignments so they can learn from their own experiences.

Using video mystery shopping for training has been proven to lead to better results. Translated into the situation on the ground, this means increased revenue for client firms, and ultimately, a better shopping experience for customers. Aside from increasing customer loyalty, this way of training mystery shoppers can also lead to a more satisfying work experience for employees.

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