Akoya Pearl Bracelets

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Having truly graceful hands is almost a lost art. Sure, plenty of us get manicures, and rings certainly haven't fallen out of favor. However, the slow, almost theatrically poised gestures women made in the past have all but died away. You can see them in black and white movies, and that's about it.

Bracelets and Old-Fashioned Glamour

If that poise, glamour, and old-fashioned grace appeal to you, why not practice the lost art yourself? As a first step, I recommend putting on a beautiful, simple Akoya pearl bracelet. Now, I love all kinds of bracelets, from beaten gold cuffs to stacked silver bangles, but nothing makes me feel as gracious and poised as a pearl bracelet. There is something about the way the bracelet sits on the wrist and touches the top of the hand that just feels absolutely fabulous.

If you have pretty hands, this is a great way to draw attention to them. Pearl bracelets also look incredible against a variety of skin tones. If you have pale skin, pearls will imbue it with a hint of ivory and rose. You'll look fair, not pale. If you have tan skin, pearls will make it look golden. If you have dark skin, pearls will create a gorgeous, eye-catching contrast.

So many women seem to desire fancy rings. In my opinion, bracelets bring much more elegance to a woman's hands. In fact, too many rings just clutter up the hands. You don't want to look like you've put on every piece of jewelry you ever bought, after all. A simple bracelet or two, paired with one or two rings, is the perfect recipe for bringing appreciative glances to pretty hands.

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