Akoya Pearl Earrings

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Akoya pearl earrings are such a romantic gift. They're also a wonderfully fool-proof gift! Women can be very fussy about their jewelry, and of course, there are always sizes to contend with. A loving boyfriend or even husband might not necessarily know his lady's ring size, her thoughts on silver versus gold, or her favorite gem.

Shopping Tips for Men

Sweet guys with the best of intentions can sometimes pick the worst jewelry. Remember those black velvet chokers and metal pendants that were popular for about half an hour back in 1993? My friend's husband bought her one of those recently. We're not even sure where he could have found the thing. The misguided fellow had no idea what type of fashion faux pas he was making.

When it comes to buying the woman in your life a piece of jewelry, two strategies are available to you. You can either go shopping with her to find out exactly what she wants, or you can stick to beautiful, classic pieces. If she loves to be surprised, I suggest the latter.

Having a man you love hand you a wrapped jewelry box is just about the nicest feeling in the world for most women. If you want to congratulate her on her promotion, if you want to thank her for sticking with you through a tough period, or if you just want to let her know you're crazy about her, surprise her with jewelry. Stick with classic items like Akoya pearl earrings, and the surprise is sure to be a happy one.

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