Akoya Pearl Rings

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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There are many ways to wear pearls. Women can show off their fabulous Akoya pearls at their wrists, throat, or ears. Pearls look fantastic in sets, as well. Nothing makes a business suit look more polished yet feminine than a double strand pearl necklace, pearl earrings, and a double strand pearl and gold bracelet.

One of the most unusual ways to wear pearls is on the fingers. Glamorous Akoya pearl rings are perhaps the most unique pearl items a woman could wear. We're all used to seeing women with diamond rings, or rings with precious or semi-precious stones. Emerald rings, sapphire rings and topaz rings are all much more commonplace than unique, lovely Akoya pearl rings.

Polished Pearl Rings

I think pearl rings look particularly fabulous on women who favor a clean, simple look. For instance, a pearl ring looks incredibly polished when paired with a simple French manicure. The white pearl and clean, white fingernails combine to create an impression of easygoing grace and understated luxury. This is the antithesis of red lacquered nails and showy rings.

A pearl ring makes a wonderful gift for so many people in one's life. It's a romantic gift for a husband or boyfriend to give the woman in his life. However, it's also a terrific gift for a mother, daughter or granddaughter. Pearls are one of the rare jewelry items that look as appropriate on a 16-year old as they do on a 66-year old. Pearl rings are an elegant gift for birthdays, holidays, or anniversaries.

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