Bridal Jewelry

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Bridal jewelry begins with the diamond engagement ring, and ends with the pearl necklace. By the time you are married, you should have the beginnings of a very nice jewelry collection! Seriously, building a great jewelry collection is all about beautiful basics. If you want to create the kind of jewelry collection befitting a woman of experience and confidence, you'll want to build it with basics.

Basics include your diamond engagement ring, your wedding band, a strand of pearls, and a few simple pairs of earrings. These should include diamond studs, small gold hoops, and pearl studs or pearl drops. No one is saying you can't have a few trendy or fun items. However, jewelry is valuable, and anything so financially and emotionally valuable should last. Classic items last. Trendy items do not. If you want proof, ask yourself how often your mom wears that gold nugget ring she bought in the late '80s.

Bridal Jewelry on Your Wedding Day

Everything about your wedding day will be a little heightened. In this sense, a wedding is a bit like theater. You'll wear a little more makeup than you normally do, your hair will be a little more elaborate, and your dress will trail behind you, long and lavish. Brides are dressed to command attention and awe, not to fade discreetly into the background.

As such, you need to wear a necklace that commands attention. A diamond solitaire at the end of a gold chain isn't going to cut it. To people seated two rows back, a plain gold necklace won't be visible at all. I recommend wearing a double-strand of pearls on your big day. My favorite length for brides is the collar, but many brides prefer the choker or princess length.

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