Fresh Water Pearl Jewelry

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Fresh water pearl jewelry is not as high-quality as salt water pearl jewelry. However, if you are just building your jewelry collection and can't afford salt water pearls, or if you want to buy a piece of jewelry just for fun, fresh water pearls are great. For instance, I've seen pearl necklaces and bracelets that playfully utilize pearls' varying colors.

Many people think of pearls as only being white, but pearls actually come in many colors. You can find black pearls, silver pearls, yellow pearls and pink pearls. One of the most interesting and lovely pieces of fresh water pearl jewelry I ever saw was a triple strand pearl necklace. One of the strands was comprised of pink pearls, another was comprised of white pearls, and the third was made up of silver pearls.

The look was so whimsical, fun and pretty that the pearls' irregular shapes barely mattered. If you are looking for a playful piece of fun jewelry, think fresh water pearls. If you are looking to invest in a classic item that you'll be able to pass down to your daughters or granddaughters one day, think salt water pearls.

Salt water pearls are usually larger, rounder and smoother than fresh water ones. Fresh water pearls are often a bit more barrel shaped. Irregularities in the pearl may also take away from the brightness of its luster. If you are going to buy fresh water pearls, I recommend buying high-quality ones. Poor-quality fresh water pearls are simply not worth owning.

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