Fresh Water Pearl Necklaces

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Fresh water pearl necklaces are fabulous and affordable. Generally speaking, fresh water pearls are not as high quality as salt water pearls. You wouldn't necessarily want to base an important jewelry collection around them. However, fresh water pearl necklaces are beautiful looking, and they are a great first step if you are just starting to accessorize for success.

Fresh Water Pearl Necklaces at the Office

For instance, a single strand of large, graduated pearls will make any business outfit look more polished. Despite today's casual office environment, dressing for success is still a great way to get promoted. You want to stand out from everyone else in your office, without standing out too much. You want to be the best dressed, most polished looking person in the room, without drawing an excess of attention to yourself. Fresh water pearls are an affordable, intelligent way to do this.

The same button down shirt, suit jacket and trousers that would look forgettable worn with a simple gold chain will look remarkable paired with a triple strand of pearls. Pearls make a statement. They create elegance, polish and an air of success wherever they are worn.

I wear pearls whenever I want to impress without being obvious about it. If I am meeting a friend's family for the first time, I wear pearls. If I am going on a job interview, I wear pearls. When I am throwing my hat in the ring for a promotion, I wear pearls everyday. Pearls let the world know that you value yourself, and the world may value you more because of it.

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