Fresh Water Pearls

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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I find that fresh water pearls look particularly lovely in "illusion" necklaces. Most pearl necklaces feature a number of pearls strung together, side by side. The fresh water pearls in these traditional necklaces touch one another. In illusion necklaces, they do not touch, but rather seem to float around the neck on a nearly invisible thread.

Ethereal Fresh Water Pearls

The effect of illusion pearl necklaces is delicate and ethereal. This makes it a fabulous accessory for everything from wedding gowns to spaghetti strap sheaths. If you want to look more airy than earthy, more virginal than vamp, illusion necklaces are a great choice.

I also love fresh water pearls as bracelets. Pearls are most commonly found in necklaces. They're very popular as earrings. However, I rarely see women wearing pearl bracelets. This is a trend I expect to see change soon. Pearl bracelets are just so incredible looking, I can't understand why they aren't more common.

Fresh water pearls don't have to be expensive. Although a strand of flawless, large, round pearls can be quite pricey, you can find pearl jewelry in a range of prices. In fact, you can find many lovely items for under 100 dollars. Since pearls look so great in sets, consider building a collection that ranges in size, style and cost.

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