Pearl Earrings

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Beauty fashions and trends come and go. This year, short, shaggy hair is in, and next year, long, smooth hair might be the thing. Shoes and their heels tend to tower one year and plunge the next, growing spike-heel skinny or sensibly chunky as the times demand. In a world where fashions change even within a single season, it's nice to have some constants you can rely on.

Luster, Sparkle and Beauty

The power of luminescence is one such constant. Things that create light, either by sparkling or glowing, are always considered beautiful. When placed near the face, they will always draw attention there. Women wear pear earrings because the pearls' fabulous luster draws attention and light to the face. Women also tend to brush themselves with glowing or shimmering powder for this same reason.

A little bit of luster goes a long way in the world of beauty. Have you ever noticed that on the days you look and feel your very best, you seem to glow? Honestly, there are days when my whole face seems lit up from within, and days I look so tired I feel like a black hole, sucking up the light! Wearing pearl earrings, adding shimmering powder to your face and shoulders, and smoothing your hair with a little product to make it shine will give you a boost of luster on even your darkest days.

This lustrous effect is even more powerful in the evening. Candlelight or other mood lighting will reflect off your pearls or other jewels with a dramatic shimmer. In this setting, pearls can be very sexy. Although they are often thought of as a somewhat conservative accessory, I think pearls rival any precious gem for sexiness when the lights are low and you're dressed to kill.

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